Cosmic Rubber Base Gel - Set of 6 Colors

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Used For Soft Gel Overlay

For clients who don't want to extend their nails and want to keep growing out their own natural nails, SOFGEL Rubber Base Gels give natural nails the slight thickness protection with built-in color for a beautiful, long-lasting manicure-- all from one bottle. 

Easy Application & Luminous Colors

With its medium viscosity, this gel offers superior control and effortless self-leveling, allowing you to build the perfect shape while maintaining the natural structure and look of your nails. Color is rich and luminous, and gives nails the look of colored acrylic compared to the more opaque look of gel polish. Rubber Base Gels can be used to replace gel color. This usage will result in an added layer of gel overlay to the nail or tip. 

In-cap Round PBT Brush

Our thin, supple rounded PBT brush contours seamlessly around the cuticle, enabling precise and uniform application for a smooth, professional finish with ease. Experience the feeling of using an external brush right out of the bottle. 

Colors in this set includes:

  • Orion: A gossamer blush glitter, adding a celestial, luminous sparkle.

  • Leo: A shimmer pink, imparting a vibrant, radiant glow.

  • Nova: A shimmer lilac pink, bestowing a soft, ethereal luminosity.

  • Astra: A shimmer pink, enhancing with a delicate, celestial sheen.

  • Lyra: A shimmer purple, providing a mysterious, enchanting gleam.

  • Mercury: A shimmer purplish grey, offering a sophisticated, multidimensional finish.


Product Info

Size: 15ml (each bottle) / Set contains 6 bottles 

Directions: Apply a thin slip layer of gel and cure for 30 seconds. Apply a small bead of gel at the base of the nail and gently pull the gel from left to right side while moving down toward the tip. Use a thin liner brush to fill in or smooth out any uneven spots in the gel. Allow gel to self-level and settle into a smooth surface. Cure for 30 seconds, and finish with a layer of gel topcoat. 

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