Draw Me Like One of Your French Girls - Set of 9 Gel Colors

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Draw Me Like One of Your French Girls

Gel Color Set No. 1 with 9 colors inspired by the theme of the Titanic and the experiences collected throughout a life-changing journey. 

2-Coat Application, Gorgeous Colors

Beautiful colors and a gel formula that applies like a dream. SOFGEL Gel Color is a 2-Coat Gel Polish which needs a cure time of 30seconds each layer. Our gel polish features a creamy texture that glides effortlessly, leaving a fine, smooth, and streak-free layer on your nails. The high concentration of ultra-fine pigments ensures intense, vibrant colors. Durable, no chipping yet soaks off easily during removal. 

In-cap Round PBT Brush

Our thin, supple rounded PBT brush contours seamlessly around the cuticle, enabling precise and uniform application for a smooth, professional finish with ease. Experience the feeling of using an external brush right out of the bottle. 

Colors in this set includes:

  • French Rose is a soft and tender blush, where twilight kisses the first blush of dawn.

  • Dove is a beige tinged with a soft pink, the soft sigh of sand beneath a serene, endless sky.

  • Widow is a mauve shaded with purple,where violets linger in the embrace of dusk.

  • Pigeon is a grey tinged with linen beige, recalling a fog-kissed twilight, where lilacs fade into silver mist.

  • Ephemeral is a glossimer gold glitter, with candles shimmering in the whispers of hidden treasures.

  • Babe is an innocent pink, blushing with the promise of new beginnings.

  • Born Yesterday is a light wash denim blue, a sky-washed daydream, faded with memories of summer skies.

  • Wrinkle in Time is a pastel lavender, a tranquil twilight, where the horizon breathes in the scent of dreams. 

  • Salt of the Earth is a light tan hue, capturing the serene warmth of horizon trails.


Product Info

Size: 15ml (individual) / Set contains 9 bottles 

Directions: Apply up to 2 thin layers of gel and cure each layer for 30 seconds. Gel Color must be finished with gel topcoat. Basecoat not needed if applied on tips, but needed if applied on the natural nail. 

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