SOFTIPS PRO™ XV Variety Collection Tip Box

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Experience the World’s Best soft gel nail extensions with the SOFtips  PRO™ XV Variety Collection tip box-boasting a diverse array of signature standard styles waiting to be explored. 

  • Included in each variety box is: 12 different XV tip shapes/lengths  (Square Long, Coffin Long, Stiletto Long, Square Medium, Coffin Medium, Stiletto Medium, Almond Medium, Square Short, Coffin Short, Stiletto Short, Almond Short, & Round Short) ***Each tip style comes with 4pcs per size***

Meticulously crafted through extensive research and development, each of the 15 sizes embodies  the perfect  balance between form and function. These soft gel extensions, designed to replicate the sought-after acrylic-like look while saving time and energy, features a stunning apex and thinner cuticle base  that seamlessly melds with the natural cuticle.

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